What to pack?

Together with some previous Erasmus students, we made a list of things you should not forget to take with you.

  • an internet cable and a switch (although there's wifi in the dorms, too)
  • warm clothes for winter (the average temperature in January is -3°C, but can also reach -12°C)
  • a window cover for sleeping (there're no blinds on the windows in dorms, only plastic jalousie)
  • a pair of comfortable shoes for traveling and for stone pavement in Olomouc
  • some essential medicaments (it is easy to catch cold in winter)
  • Czech dictionary
  • maybe an extra phone for a Czech simcard (we will sell some simcards during Orientation week as part of ESN pack)
  • a bottle opener
  • a shopping backpack (there is Globus shopping centre 15 minutes away from Neředín dormitory - to which you can only walk a no tram or bus goes there - or Šantovka shopping centre that is 10 minutes away from Envelopa dormitory)
  • a camera
  • a swimsuit and flipflops if you wish (trust us, there are also hot days in September and June)
  • a padlock for locking your backpack/luggage in case you will travel and stay in hostels