University students and foreign students can stay in one of the 12 dormitories. Housing is guaranteed for students and teachers from abroad. No university housing is available for students with families. Should you plan to come with your spouse and/or family, you will have to find a private housing, which is more expensive. The International Relations Office will assist you, but cannot guarantee an adequate place for a reasonable price.
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Accomodation Contract

Be aware that if you stay for longer than 30 days you are required to sign an accommodation contract. Your contract will be prepared at our accommodation office. If you arrive after office hours or on the weekend, please, make sure to come by the accommodation office the next workday to sign your contract. Find your accommodation office according to your dormitory.

Arrival and check in

If you know that you will arrive after office hours or on the weekend, please send us an email to with the date and approximate time of your arrival. We will then prepare your bed and room keys at the reception that is open 24/7. You will also have to sign your accommodation contract - please, come by the accommodation office the next workday.

At the registration, you will be charged a refundable security deposit that equals to your monthly rent (in fact your rent per day x30). The deposit may vary depending on the type of the room (i. e. for a single room the deposit is CZK 4470, for a double room it's CZK 3480). The deposit will be given back to you at the time of your leaving, after you return the keys.

Please know that the deposit is not the same as the rent. You will be asked to pay a monthly rent as well. Rent payment is always due by the end of the current month (see information below). If you would like to pay by cash, remember you can pay only in CZK, therefore you have to exchange your money first. Of course, you can pay by your credit card as well. Generally, all common international cards are accepted. There have been complications with American Express cards and cards issued in Asian coutries, please, be so kind and bring cash with you if you are holder of there cards.

In the first month of your stay you will have to pay a one-time fee for a lamp and a fridge that is provided in your room. The fee is set to CZK 120.

More information: Acomodation price list

! The Welcome Office can help you with any problems you may face before and after arrival to Olomouc.

Check out

Before you plan to leave, check your accommodation contract if your date of departure agrees with the date in your contract. If NOT, visit your accommodation office to change the date. Remember that any change in the contract must be in correspondence with rules given by the contract. If you need to leave earlier, let your dormitory officer or manager know at least one CALENDAR MONTH in advance.

*For instance, if you wish to leave on the 1st of December, we need to know this information in October the latest - November is too late and you would be obliged to pay the rent for December. In this case, you always pay until the end of the month.

If the dates agree, visit your accommodation office one week in advance and arrange your check out with your dormitory officer or manager.

Before you leave:

1) You need to ask any of our housekeepers to check your room. Afterwards, they will sign your dormitory card as their approval. Note that the room has to be empty, clean with all furniture in original position! Please, sweep the floor and dust your room – under the bed and on the furniture. Defrost your fridge, dry it up and turn it off if you are the last person in the flat. Take out the trash. The common areas (kitchen, toilet and bathroom) should be clean as well – inform your flat mates of the checking day. You are jointly responsible for the common areas. Any stuff left in the room will be taken to the junkyard and the costs will be charged to the resident.

2) Go to the linen storage (bedclothes change facility) with borrowed bedclothes, pillowcases, sheets, power extension cords, switches and cables to return them. You will receive an inventory card proving you returned all borrowed stuff.

3) Now you can go to the accommodation office. Take your dormitory card, inventory card and the key with you. Your dormitory officer will check everything out and if there is no problem, you can pick up your deposit at the nearest reception.

NOTICE: If you do not follow this guidance, you cannot check out and your deposit does not have to be returned in full. You are only allowed to check out during the office hours according to your accommodation office. If you need to leave after hours or on the weekend talk to your dormitory officer first!

Office hours for respective offices are available in contacts (look for your dormitory officer).

Payment Methods

You can arrange an automatic monthly payment (encashment) from your bank account or a lump payment – see bank connection information below. We also accept payment in cash or by card right at the reception. Please note that we charge a processing fee CZK 50 for payment in cash (except on the day of the real start of accommodation). We accept MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express at the Neředín II Dormitory, Bedřich Václavek Dormitory and Generál Svoboda Dormitory. Another option is to pay online via GP Webpay – please see a short tutorial here.

Envelopa Campus

Envelopa dormitories are located near the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Education, therefore mainly students of these faculties are preferably accommodated there. Students can use a laundry room, a drying room, a television room, a music room there. Bed linen exchange takes place every fortnight. Private laundry facilities – 2 automatic washing machines. At the reception desk one can borrow an iron, ironing board, and vacuum cleaner.
Other facilities you may be interested in: apart of students’ cafeteria providing lunches and dinners 7 days a week, there is a bookstore; hairdresser’s services; doctor’s offices; students’ club (U-klub) etc. This residence halls area is easily accessible by the public transport system, the nearest tram and bus stops are only about 3-min walk, the train station is located about 15-min walk away (2 tram stops), to get to the bus station takes about 10 minutes by tram.

Neředín Campus

The dormitories in Neředín campus are located max. 15 min by tram to the University i.e. to the center of Olomouc. On the campus a students' cafeteria providing meals for students is open for 5 days a week. Students can order their meals either in the downtown (*Envelopa campus area) or in Neředín.
The dormitories in Neředín provides suites consisting of four rooms (usually 2 single +2 double). All suites are equipped with a bathroom and a toilet for every two rooms, and a kitchen area with a stove, microwave oven, electric kettle (no cooking utensils and dishes, though). Each room is equipped with beds, writing tables, book shelves and a refrigerator. Although there are no computers in the rooms, an access to the Internet is arranged and students possessing their own notebooks will not have problems to use them. In the entrance hall of the dormitory wi-fi is available. The access is free. The dorms also provide laundry facilities, cleaning utensils (vacuum cleaner), iron etc. Bedding is provided and changed usually every two weeks. Students must bring their own towels. Each suite has an incoming telephone connection; to make outgoing calls, you need to use public telephones. An internet connecting cable is recommended to be taken with.
No university accommodation is available for students with families; should you plan to come with your spouse and/or children, you will have to find a private accommodation, which is much more expensive. The International Relations Office cannot guarantee an adequate place for a reasonable price.

Off-Campus Accomodation

Students who would like to arrange off-campus accommodation should contact real-estate agencies in Olomouc.

Students are advised to check the flat or the room and ask for detailed information on electricity, heating and water charges (which are additional to rent) before signing a housing contract. Students who arrange off-campus accommodation are requested to inform UP International Relations Office.