The final round of the Pub Quiz is coming! Eat some brainfood and get ready!

When? From 7 PM! Please, come sooner than 7 PM, so we can start with the quiz on time :)
Where? In Bristol pub, right above the 15 Minut Music club!
For how much? There is a participation fee of 40 CZK per person. But don't worry. You will somehow get it back... HOW? Well...

You will be competing in teams in a quiz. Each quiz consists of four rounds, each round has two topics with five questions and one bonus (or guessing) questions. At the end of the quiz, you will get some nice prizes. Topics are various except the first one (recent news) and then there is always one picture and one music round.

Register your team in the link below

There is a limited number for teams. We can squeeze in Bristol only 8 teams, so please, register your team asap ;)

DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: Wednesday 27/11 at 11:59 PM

We look forward to seeing you in Bristol!

- ESN UP Olomouc Pub Quiz Beer Lovers crew & Yolík

Bristol pub