Medical facilities

Olomouc provides high-quality health care services through public and private medical facilities. In the Envelopa Campus (J.L.Fischera dormitory, Šmeralova street no. 10), students can use several medical specialists: 
MUDr. Jarmila Ševčíková, English-speaking general practitioner, tel.: 585 224 204, e-mail:

  • MUDr. Johnová, a gynecologist, tel.: 585 224 043
  • MUDr. Davidová, a dentist, tel.: 585 220 463
  • MUDr. Kašpárek, an endocrinologist, tel.: 585 232 384
  • MUDr. Kolařík, a neurologist, tel.: 585 220 455

Other medical specialists (surgeons, dentists, eye doctors, opticians, urologists, internists, gyneacologists etc.) and medical services (X-rays, laboratories, pharmacies) you can find in main Olomouc Health Centres and in Olomouc University Hospital:

  • Polyclinic II at třída Svobody no. 32 (
  • SPEA at nám. Národních hrdinů 2 (
  • Olomouc University Hospital is the biggest health care facility in Olomouc region. More information at .


Note that you will need to pay a fee of 30 CZK (approx. 1,2 EUR) for an appointment with a medical doctor or for any prescribed medication. Bring your EHIC (+ registration paper) or Comprehensive Medical Insurance with you at the appointment with the doctor!

In case of medical emergencies, call:

  • 112 (SOS Emergency call)
  • 155 (life emergency)
  • 585 228 811 ( DELTA – private ambulance service)